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One thing I like most about movies is that they are relatable. It may not be true for one person, but there will always be someone who will be able to relate to it. There is nothing really magic about it, in fact it is just normal. Stories from the movies we see are basically a woven fabric of our own experience as a human being. It reflects our inner dreams and secret wishes; and give us a chance to be free and do the things that reality limits us. My personal favorite movie was Jumanji. It was released on 1995, and featured Robin Williams in it. The story was about a man (Williams) who got trapped inside a magical board game as a kid and was released when two children played the same game. Everything was all adventure and fun. What was striking…show more content…
As a man, it cannot be helped to choose a "manlier" movie selection (not that I am being gender biased and advocating for gender inequality), I just think that romantic movies are not for me, at least not during my teenage years of life. Maybe I feared the bullies if ever they learned that I am watching movies that are ought to be watched by a girl only; that is why I was trying to avoid such movies that may suggest to my peers that I am not manly and otherwise. Of course, now that I am older, I now understood that there is nothing to be ashamed of about the movies I watched, just as long as I am enjoying it, and that I should not be biased about movies when it comes to gender…show more content…
When we gamble our decisions, we put ourselves between the lines of success and failure. The first side was rewarding and beautiful, same as when a player finishes a game in Jumanji, they are returned back to reality, far from all the peril in the jungle, safe and warm back in their home. On the other hand, when a person failed on something, everything becomes awful, and depending on the weight of the situation, others are destroyed by depression and the severance of failure. That is the same with losing the game in Jumanji where the player is then stuck in the place of the game until someone else finish the game

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