My First Semester Experience Essay Examples

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Starting this semester, I was extremely intimidated by college and was nervous that I would not be able to do as well in college as I did in high school. I figured that the work would be much more difficult and that the teachers would not be as involved as they were in high school, which was true; but after the first moth or so, I began to really apply myself to my classes and now I feel like I have definitely adjusted well to the college atmosphere. Even though the whole “first semester” experience was not always easy or pleasent, I am very proud of myself to getting through it as well as I did and I am determined to improve next semester. My “frist semester experience” was a huge wake-up call for me. It made me realize that I can no longer rely on my teachers or my mother or my friends anymore and that it was time for me to be independent and handle things on my own. These past couple of months have included some of the most stressful experiences of my life, but they have made me mature and grow up much quicker than I ever imagined I would have. Although this semester has been rough, I would not have wanted it …show more content…

As of recently, I’ve been putting all of my deadlines and important dates regarding my classes into my calender so that I can organize my time better. I’ve also been trying to set more time aside for studying instead of just trying to always cram information the night before. Studying has always been especially diffuclt for me because I get distracted so easily, but now I am trying to create study sheets and I use index cards to keep myself more focused when studying. Also, I am trying to organize my notes differently and I no longer throw out anything that I recive during class. During high school, I always “misplaced” or just threw out old tests or old homework assignments, but now I realize how keeping everything is so helpful to

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