Personal Narrative: My First Week Of EOF

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Throughout the first week of EOF I’ve learned about many things, but most importantly be grateful for the opportunity getting a higher education beyond a high school degree, that majority of people like me can 't afford. Transition from high school into college is a huge difference because you are now in your own, and even though there are people on campus to help you, you have to take responsibility for your own self. One might be tough but being away from home is hard, since mom is not around to cook those delicious meals, do your laundry, remind you to do your work, take care of you when sick, as well as other things. I’ve learned that transition from high school into a college setting takes time, but it is all about getting used to a new …show more content…

Locus of control has two categories of people, those that have an internal and external locus of control. People with an internal locus of control, believe that they can influence events and their outcomes. These type of people tend to be more dependent and harsh on themselves, blaming the bad, and sometimes the good, outcomes of their lives as as result of decisions and actions taken by them. Because people that have an internal locus of control are harsh on themselves, they are always working to improve themselves and try to avoid any bad decisions or actions that will lead to an undesirable outcome. On the other hand, external locus of control is when people generally believe that their successes or failures result from external factors beyond their control, blaming others for the good and bad in their lives. People with an external locus of control blame other people, and create excuses for not getting work done, being late, and the list goes on. A person with an external locus of control tend to dependent on other people to get through life, since they can’t have a sense of responsibility for themselves. Throughout this week I’ve learned about so many things, and I hope to keep learning

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