My Hero's Journey

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The Hero’s Journey is something that every human being goes through whether they realize it or not. We all go through different obstacles, some being more difficult than others, but at the end of the day we are all connected by the Hero’s Journey. We start with the separation stage, move on to the initiation stage, and then end up in the return stage. I myself have just gone through a cycle of the Hero’s Journey, when I happened to get my first B in a class, AP Spanish Language. It all started last year, freshman year, when all of the students were picking their classes for the following school year on Naviance. For my foreign language class freshman year, I took Spanish for Heritage Speakers and AP Spanish was to be the next course I was …show more content…

I was ecstatic! I thought it would be a good thing for an AP course to be easy, as I was not thinking about the AP exam then. My first AP class, and it was going to be an easy A. Little did I know it was going to be almost the opposite. The first day of sophomore year rolled around and it was time to step foot into Mrs. Burrell’s class. Boy, was I surprised when I walked in and there was a new teacher, Mrs. Padilla. This is when the “Road of Trials” began. From the very first day she had stressed about the importance of the AP test. She gave us all of the AP rubrics, a sheet of transition words to use in our writing pieces, and she even showed us the agenda she had planned out for the rest of the year. As the year went on, I got accustomed to her teaching style and I was doing well for the first few months. As the assignments got more challenging, my grade seemed to be slowly dropping. It usually dropped .01%, but that was still something. In all honestly, I wasn’t worried as I’d always got by doing the bare minimum. By the time the final rolled around my grade was at a 91.34%. I no longer had a safety cushion, and I knew I needed to work extra hard to acheive my goal of ending the semester with an A. When I heard that the final was only worth 15% of our

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