My Journey Of Dreams

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“You only die once!” I suppose that life is nothing if I have no dream, no ambition and no aim, so I try my best to lead the ship of dreams, to be the master of my fate and to become a successful businesswoman. My journey of dreams began many years ago. When I was five years old, I dream to be a dressmaker like my mother. When I was ten, I have no worried about what I am going to do in the future. But now, when I am sixteen, I know clearly that I want to be a skilful leader, a prosperous entrepreneur. I want to test the strength of myself. I am going to start at restaurant area and then extend activities into amusement park, resort,etc. A lot of people think that it is unecessary to have reason for dream. It is just what they…show more content…
But if we do nothing to make it come true, our dreams will be wasted time and delusory. I know clearly that I must have a plan for my future. A long-term plan to reach a schoolarship. First step is having an excellent result which is very important because it shows your abilities. My grade point average (GPA) is 8.5 now, therefore I must try to get 9.0 in three years if I want to apply to a good university. That means I must appreciate all of subjects, even the test of each one, although most of them are not concern and necessary for my future job. Not only do I esteem my marks, but I also treasure the extra-curricular activities, especially volunteer. I reckon that those activities are more important than having a splendid GPA. So I applied a lot of organizations and clubs to join their projects which serve the community ; as the result I had both the certificates and the experiences. However, I know I have to do something different to make myself is particular such as being a leadership instead of being a member. After getting schoolarship and starting study abroad, I will keep doing extra-curricular activities and earn money by doing part-time job. It is really useful for me to be self-reliant at that time. Finally, when I will have finished my course, I will work at a comfortable company until I have enough funds and experiences. It will be time for me to start up and have my own sky. The time to show everybody…show more content…
The only thing I do is ignoring. They are acquainted with me, but do not understand me. It seems ridiculous to assess someone easily like they do.To be honest, I absolutely comprehend what is charactor of a leader or I read a lot about the good examples who are talented, reckless, clear-headed,etc. I don 't make sure that I have all those charactors but I know clearly who I am, what I have and I am not a prodigy, so I will be like a turtle: slowly but

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