My Political Ideology

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My political Ideology is a Conservative (Republican). A Conservative is an individual whose political beliefs are based on traditional American values, specifically those established by the United States Constitution. Moreover, it is through these traditional beliefs and values that the Conservatives believe that they will help the nation, and its people, flourish. First, Conservatives are against Abortion, Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, as they believe that life is from conception until natural death; however, in cases of murder or other heinous crimes, Conservatives agree with the Death Penalty. Second, in regards to environmental issues, this party believes that: there is an ample supply of good sources of energy (oil, gas, …show more content…

After watching a variety political debates, conducting research, compiling information and writing the ‘summary’ paragraph on Conservative beliefs, I concluded that I share a lot of the same opinions and beliefs on the political issues, such as those above. However, there are four major political beliefs of the Conservatives that I do not agree with. First, I believe that the death penalty is wrong because killing, no matter the circumstance and/or severity of the crime committed, is always wrong. Subsequently, I disagree with the belief ‘An eye for an eye’ as Christ teaches us to always offer the other cheek. Secondly, I do not agree with the belief that there is an ample supply of good sources of energy (oil, gas, coal, etc.) in the United States. As an avid environmentalist, I believe in the preservation of natural resources and the promotion of energy efficiency. Third, I do not agree with the belief that Global warming does not exist and that it is merely a natural change in the temperature. Again, as an environmentalist, I believe Global warming is real, and that it is man’s responsibility to help the environment by promoting recycling, as well as, other environmentally friendly systems. Fourth, I disagree with the gun control policy. As an avid pacifist, I believe that weapons, such as guns, take away from our sense of national security and peace amongst the people of our nation. Lastly, two major sources of influence on my political beliefs are my Catholic faith and my Personal Experience. First, my Catholic faith influences my beliefs because it is at the center of my life and is the foundation of everything that I stand for. Secondly, my Personal Experiences influence my beliefs because it is through life experiences that we develop our own beliefs. Thus, because of my personal beliefs and lifestyle, as well as, other influential factors, I would identify myself as a

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