Independence Day Liberalism

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The movie “Independence Day” gives a lot of insight on how the decisions are made by the elite policy maker aka “the government officials”. These officials are influenced by many reasons for the actions they take. Some are making decisions based on their liberal ideals while others follow different ideals such as realist ideals. The clash between two different ideals in the movie showed the effectiveness of each of them. Liberal ideals are a form of an identity and they are really hard to be implemented on. Liberals Ideals constrain the policy makers to settle on balanced choices under circumstances where worldwide participation is required to anticipate worldwide emergency. The decision making process is very mind-opening in the movie. The …show more content…

The supposed death of his wife incited anger and hate in him. This contributed to his decision to use nuclear weapons. “Most people do not like the feeling of present anger. The hormones that pump into the bloodstream are not pleasure inducing. Instead, we often become hyper alert, ready to lash out at any potential threat. The need to do something, anything is sometimes over-whelming. Angry People shout, throw things, punch walls, hit spouses and shoot people. None of these behaviors are the signs of rational decision making.” (Noll, Elusive Peace, 2011). Many people can argue that losing control of yourself is not a good thing especially if the fate of the people is on your shoulders and if you have an important position as the President of any country as people believe in your ability to lead them by making rational decisions. Losing control of yourself can lead to bad decisions such as when President in the movie relieved the Secretary of Defense of his duties even though he might have been able to help them out in the future. To add to that, he also fought in the war as a pilot because he believed that he was born pilot and even though he was once a pilot, he was putting himself in a position where losing him would be devastating as he was the President of United

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