My Role Model: Role Models In My Life

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Bill When I was growing up I had many role models in my life. This included people like John Cena, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, and Bill Clinton. Out of all these people one of them stood out a lot. Not because he was a wrestler, a movie star, or even the president of the United States. He was my grandfather, Bill. I lived close to my grandfather, right down the hill to be exact, and my father helped him run the farm. So, I got to see him multiple times every day. We connected very well and had a lot of fun together, even when grandma yelled at us for messing something up. The only time I got mad at him was when I was little. He told me I couldn’t ride a calf and I insisted him I could ride a calf, eventually I got fed up with him so I kicked him in the leg with my boot. Other than that we got along great. When I was still in Elementary, some days I did not want to sit around in the office with my mom waiting for her to get done do secretary stuff. Instead I would…show more content…
When the bus dropped me off I ran as fast as I could around the house to the backdoor. After I got into the house I went right into the living room where my grandma and grandpa sat. Grandpa and I then usually got out a golf club, a golf ball, and a plastic cup. We placed the cup on one side of the living room and stood at the opposite end taking turns putting it in the cup. He told me I was a natural at golf and that I had a good put. It seems that I always won at putting, but looking back at it now he was probably letting me win. While we were putting Grandma was making us both peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of chips and always a bowl of ice cream for me. After eating that Grandpa would tell me how much he needed my help with feeding all the cows. It turns out I didn’t help him that much because my one and only job was to open and close all the gates so he could drive through

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