Subban Role Model

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The person I chose that I would like to be described as is an ice hockey player known as P.K. Subban on the Montreal Canadiens. Subban is a great role model for young people and deserves the respect that I have for him. When he is on the ice, Subban is always working hard to get better at different zones of skill such as stick handling, shooting the puck, and body checking. When Subban is off the ice, he is always very fun and kind to his fans and even the opponent’s fans. Subban always tends to be very active in the hockey community for helping the youth improve when he is not working hard to improve himself. He also is one of the team’s best overall players when it comes to the action on the ice. He plays as a two way defenseman because…show more content…
Subban because of his skill and mental thinking on the ice and his attitude toward his fans off the ice. I extremely like the style of how Subban plays, not being too selfish or too scared of going to get the puck against guys that are bigger than him. When he is back-checking, meaning the puck is behind the defensemen in the defensive zone and the defense has to go get it, Subban never becomes lazy to go get it so that his team will have an advantage when they turn to go on the offensive attack. Subban also keeps up with the offensive attack when his team is going fast into the opponent’s zone. He is a large help for their shooting skill area when comes to power plays. A power play is when the other team causes a penalty forcing one of their guys to go into the penalty box from a possibility of 2 to up to 10 minutes, giving the other team a 5 versus 4 player advantage on the ice. Subban is also very good at causing the other team to get frustrated and start giving him cheap shots, resulting in a power play for his team. When Subban is off the ice, like stated before, he is very open to his community. For example, Subban donated 1.3 million dollars to a youth hospital in Haiti. He also has surprised so many young children with signed jerseys, signed hats, and even his very own signed hockey stick. All in all, P.K. Subban is the role model I have set for my future. His great skill on the ice just motivates me to be just like him. Not only how he plays hockey, but how he treats his fans or complete strangers off the ice is how I would like to be in my
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