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Being a candidate for the National Honor Society is a tremendous honor for me. Since I began high school, it has been a goal of mine to be a part of this amazing organization. Being involved in my school and community has always been important to me, and any chance I get to further my involvement is great. I believe that NHS is the perfect opportunity for me to serve others and help better our community. I understand that a member of NHS shows qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Throughout my life I have valued these qualities and shown them in many ways. My education has always come first and I have worked very hard to maintain a 4.0 grade point average throughout my entire schooling. My hard work and dedication has led me to take honors math classes all three years of high school and allowed me to participate in math meets. I also take several advanced placement classes this year and plan to take more next year. Along with these self-improving experiences, I have also had opportunities to help others better their learning. Many of my opportunities to be a leader have come from my gifts and …show more content…

Character is perhaps the most important aspect of being an honorable leader. One of the attributes that I value most is kindness. No matter how simple it may seem, it is certainly important. I make an effort to be a good friend to everyone I encounter and make them feel respected. Making others know their worth and feel respected is a great way to earn their respect back. This is a valuable trait of a leader that I embody. Another trait that is vital is responsibility. To keep up with my busy schedule that includes schoolwork, sports, service, as well as being social, I stay very organized and responsible. This helps me greatly in my endeavors as a leader, as do the other qualities I

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