Nabokov Four Characteristics Of A Great Reader

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1. Nabokov's claim about the four characteristics that a great reader has, is true for the most part. Having an imagination is crucial when it comes to reading because being imaginative allows the reader to better absorb information provided in a reading. Being imaginative is sort of like letting the mind wander and think on its own with no end goal. Doing this while reading helps a reader to fully understand the information at hand and look at the information from multiple perspectives. Having a memory is also important since it allows the reader to make connections using previous knowledge and then contain the knew knowledge. This would aid the reader when rereading because, with a good memory, the reader should be able to recall the more momentous events so that when they are rereading it is easier for them to pick up on smaller and smaller details each time. …show more content…

Lastly, having some artistic sense, although commonly overlooked, is extremely relevant to being a great reader. Having artistic sense allows the reader to look at readings as pieces of work and determine which style of writing they may enjoy the most. This also helps the reader to appreciate different readings for different reasons and also to analyze them. I would not change a thing about Nabokov's claim since I believe these are what makes a great reader as well. Occasionally there will be a "great reader" that lacks some or all of these characteristics and that is why I said for the most

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