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This website gives information about Napalm bomb. In this website historical information is given as well as its production and its effect on Americans. As anyone can see on the left hand side that it is directly linked to some social websites for direct sharing therefore it is very helpful. Another thing is anyone can directly print a topic from this website. It gives extra information as well. As you can see the options on the dashboard which are facts, events, question and media, these option provide information on the given topic. In “media” option there are videos as well which can be helpful for anyone. If the person is not satisfied with his search he can directly search through Google as well because this website is directly linked with Google. If you search …show more content…

It explains five different topics about radiological weapons. • Understanding the Radiological Threat • Balancing Legitimate Commercial Uses with the Threat of “Loose” Radiological Materials • Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Human Body • The Threat of Radiological Terrorism • How is the International Community Working to Decrease the Radiological Threat? • Reducing the consequences of a radiological incident through public preparedness. These five topics are the advantage of going through this website but this website doesn’t show history of radiology so this website is not a very good option for any history student. Another good thing is this website is directly linked to face book, twitter and get involved for direct sharing. The nuclear threat initiative (NTI) is not just a normal website , it is an organization which is concerned with reducing security risks throughout the world, its purpose is reduce and prevent the use of weapons of mass destructions like chemical, biological and radiological weapons. [3] CONCLUSION Seven different websites were covered in this webography. Their uniqueness and weaknesses are discussed as

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