Narrative Essay About My Future

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My Future I believe the best future is an unforeseen future, put in the hands of an unfailing and trustworthy God. This is something I’ve only recently begun to come to terms with. My past feels plagued with feelings of anxiety about my future, but everything that has happened until this very moment has been a blessing to me. I worried about so many things and lacked trust in God so often that I never took time to appreciate where I was in life. That sounds cliché, but I think experiencing clichés like this are inevitable. Some things must be learned through experience and growth, and learning to experience life by the moment is one of those things. I’m not saying I don’t think about my future or have plans and ideas, I just do my best to refrain from worrying about what will happen. While I worried about nearly everything, from what I would wear the next day to where I…show more content…
As soon as I started my freshman year of high school, I began worrying about where I would go to college and what kind of grades I would need to get there. I attended a small but rigorous private school which made the pressure even worse. For a long time, I had medical issues that I constantly feared would get in my way the rest of my life. Almost nothing worked out the way I thought it had to in order prosper and be happy in the future. Nevertheless, everything turned out okay in the end. I grew to learn to love and cherish every person that comes into my life. I ended up at my first choice college in a city I never thought I’d live in before. The most important thing I learned was trusting God to direct my path and control my future. Learning this has made me appreciate the little moments in life and even the moments where I don’t feel my best. I have learned what I care about most in life, which is having an impact on the lives of those around me and being a light to people’s
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