National Culture Influence

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Organizations can be translated as a group of people who interact with each other to achieve certain goals (McShane & Glinow, 2008). A good understanding of how a moving organization will greatly help managers to manage their organizations with effective methods. Of the many things that interact within an organization, there is one factor that is difficult to ignore, namely cultural factors. There has been considerable research showing that national culture has a strong influence on organizations (Adair, Okumura, & Brett, 2001). Other opinions also confirm that national culture has an important role in shaping organisation behaviour (Aldhuwaihi, 2013). Yoon (1996) even asserted that although cultural values and social norms are important for social life, their existence also…show more content…
National culture is way of acting that certainly preferred because it fits well with cultural values than others. When management practices are not in accordance with the national culture that has been trusted and adhered to, employees will feel uncomfortable, dissatisfied, and not committed. Employees will dislike or feel disturbed when asked by management to act that is not in accordance with their cultural values (Mas'ud, 2002).
Culture is something that should be learned and not to be inherited (Hofstede, 2005). Deep value will represent a broad feeling of good and evil, beauty and ugliness, rational and irrational. The practices that are introduced are usually through humans, e.g. collective habits are presented in something that looks like clothing, language, status symbols, promotion criteria, meeting procedures, communication styles, and more. The values and good practices of the culture is the software, there is also hardware in the form of buildings, office equipment, and vehicle types that reflect the characteristics of
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