Native American Code Talkers Research Paper

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Ever heard of Native American Code Talkers? Many in America haven’t because the military released their existence in the late 90’s, which I believe is wrong considering they were such a big contribution to the U.S. winning WWII.
The Navajo indians before the war were a peaceful and kind tribe. The Navajo tribe is split into many clans which you are born into. In order to marry in the Navajo tribe you have to marry someone in another tribe. The Navajo religion worshipped many gods of wind and water. There were gods for almost every natural occurrence. There were sacrifices and spiritual dances like many other tribes to worship these gods. Code Talkers were Native American soldiers who helped in World War II, and they really made a difference for the United States. These soldiers not only could fight in war but, they were used for a bigger purpose, they would speak in their native language. The Native American
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Many code talkers had only signed up for the marines, and when they found out the military had bigger plans for them they were overwhelmed. At first they were a secret service, their training was much harder than the rest. Not only did they have to be physically fit but also mentally fit. Before the war Native Americans couldn’t speak their native language, it was forbidden. When they heard they had to speak Navajo they were nervous some had forgot their language over time. Some words are unused in the original Navajo language so many new words were created from pairing old words together. Boot camp was long for these special soldiers they had to go through a school as well as physical training to become the marines that they were.The average class time learning this new code was eight weeks, not including boot camp. This code was taught at an American base called Camp Elliot which was mostly dedicated to the secretive Code

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