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Native American Costumes Normally when people stereotype Native Americans, they don’t even mean to. For example, kids and/or adults can dress up as a Native American for Halloween. That might be all fun and games for some people, but it could be extremely offensive to an actual Native American. Just imagine yourself walking through a friendly neighborhood on a cool, eerie Halloween night, and you happen to be of Native American descent. Children’s laughter fills the air, along with the succulent scent of chocolates and liquorice. The eye has caught sight of many different kinds of costumes; firefighters, policemen, superheros, princesses, etc. Then you notice a few older looking girls dressed as Native Americans. As soon as they’re seen, an…show more content…
People usually that a lot of the Native American people dressed the same, but in reality, it was all different. It all depended on what resources they had, the weather and temperature in that area, and their tribe’s specific culture. One thing that was different for every tribe clothing wise were their headdresses. Now, the Native Americans had many different types of headdresses, and they weren’t all just tall feathers stuck to a head band, they all had different meanings to go along with it. Saying this, there is a headdress that does look similar to that description, and it is simply called the feather headdress. There were different kinds of this style of headdress actually. For example, the longer headdress was worn by the Sioux and Cheyenne tribes, the feather headdress that went straight up was worn by Kiowa and Comanche tribes, and headdresses that looked like halos were worn by the Shasta and Chumash tribes. All of this is just one example of how different each tribe could be, and these were just worn on their heads. We can’t just blame the people dressing up as Native Americans, simply because a lot of these children don’t really know better, and sometimes neither do their

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