Broken Promises Of Native Americans

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Promises are meant to be kept, but more than often promises lead to broken promises. Promises made to the Indians that their land would be forever theirs, became a broken promise. White settlers were starting to move toward the west beyond the Mississippi. The Indians’ lives were about to change due to new lives moving and the rise of Gold, Silver and the railroad. State government, settlers, pressured the federal government to take Indian land for their own beneficial use and more than one hundred thousand Indians from the Southwest were forced off their land and moved to reservations west of the Mississippi River.

As a result of white settlers coming to the Mississippi, the government had to do something. Federal relations with Indian tribes were centered on trading, wars, and treaty making. In an 1831 decision, the Supreme Court described tribes as "domestic dependent nations" that had broad latitude to create their own laws within tribal areas. (e.g. Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 30 U.S. 1 1831). The federal government signed …show more content…

Indian reservation life deals with poverty daily and hardships for everyone since the government does not have anything to do with these reservations. Reservations have been known as long as anyone can remember, you do not just run into a Indian at Walmart, they live in a completely different world due to the white settlers and government years ago. Our world has changed drastically over the years and continues to change daily. Poverty may be common in the reservations, but now a days you see it everywhere. White settlers and the government had a huge impact in the lives of Indian Tribes back in the 1860’s and that has left the long term effect of Indians living in reservations all across the United

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