Negative Effects Of Masculinity

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To begin, masculinity is a central trait through which men try to compensate for their race and class subordination. Men use masculinity in an attempt to acquire social status and avoid being subordinated. However, among delinquent boys, masculinity is formed through negative encounters with probation officer, the police, juvenile hall, and school discipline. On the other hand, masculinities are also shaped positively by authority figures in the appropriate circumstances. Manhood is also accomplished through the subordination of women and through culture. Additionally, masculinity intersects with other factors including sexuality, race, and class, which leads to multiple forms of masculinity. The dominant form of masculinity is hegemonic…show more content…
When the police utilize masculinities to discipline young men in a threatening manner, the young men feel as if they are engaged in a battle for manhood. However, if the police officers give boys advice to improve their lives and strive towards achieving hegemonic masculinity, these young men are positively affected. When “masculine resources” are in short supply, men adopt alternative forms of manhood, which demonstrate dominance over others, such as the police, in their viewpoints. Harmful forms of masculinity are partly developed through the negative interactions of youth with the police, juvenile hall, as well as probation officers. Not only does race determine how young people are treated in the criminal justice system, but masculinity also plays an important role in how they are able to desist as they pass through this system. Central characteristics of masculine identity are toughness, dominance, and the willingness to use violence. Masculinity does not always describe biological sex; it is a tool used by both sexes in an attempt to accomplish certain goals. Young women also use masculinity in an attempt to survive and resist criminalization. Next, the author’s main argument is that there are differing forms of masculinity that men use in an attempt to maintain their dignity and gain respect. The term given to these different forms of masculinity is “synthesized…show more content…
Men must pass many, “…tests among, peers, family, and these institutions…to be assigned “real men” status by relevant others” (Rios and Sarabia, p. 173). Thus, it is likely easier for men in power to be able to pass these tests and prove their masculinity, than it is for men of lower status and resources. Therefore, the authors’ claim that masculinity is a socially assigned factor for the majority of men, is

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