Negative Effects Of Social Media

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As the usage of social media is increasing rapidly among youths today, it is important that we need to learn and study about the impact of Social Networking Sites (SNS) and social media toward mental health among them. There are several studies have found social media can influence people with decreased subjective wellbeing, and self-esteem and the increased of psychological distress. Besides, there are also numerous studies identify the use of social media will lead to many negative outcomes such as the increasing of anxiety, depression, loneliness, compulsive behavior and narcissism. Thus, it showed that the use of social media has linked to many negative outcomes. It will definitely pose a threat to the youth if found out that the population of social networking sites will affect the mental health among youths.
2.3.1 Depression There is a possibility of getting depression when youths especially high school students spend more time on Facebook. There will be more clinical symptoms of major depression when participants spent more time online and performed more Facebook image management. Depression is found to be associated with Internet and text message dependency. Teens are the heaviest media users and they are more likely to get into troubles a lot, feeling sad, unhappy and often feel bored. Besides, a study of American university students found that the more intense in Facebook will cause the increasing of loneliness. This may lead to depression. A survey conducted
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