Compare And Contrast Romantic Art Vs Neoclassical

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Which of these two styles do you think is better at getting a message across? It is a fact beyond reasonable doubt that both Neoclassical and Romantic art were used as tools for governments, institutions, and individuals to convey their messages; however, the Romantic art accelerates the intense emotion and create a lasting impact on those that gaze at the work centuries after the production. One element worth remembering about the Neoclassical is that it brings to mind the stark difference between the Rococo era reminiscent of romance and leisure and the strong principles of the Greek democracy and Roman idea of freedom and liberty of the individual. The Neoclassical arts scene is one that indicates or portrays the highest point in the individual’s life and its message was often meant to indoctrinate …show more content…

Obviously, viewers who understand what it means to be an average person would quickly realize that the image of the neoclassical art is not sympathetic to their ideology because it is meant to glorify an individual who at every opportunity would confine himself to power at the detriment of the people. Such individuals would demand that the people sacrifice even their lives in order to sustain him. This kind of images reminds the viewers that we live in a world without pity (Jones, 2015). The above paintings of Napoleon speak to viewers about an individual in a different reality while the below painting depicts how the Romantic art expresses emotions that touch the human life. It is the horrific brutality capture in the Goya's "Disasters of War" plates. Obviously, viewers who carefully look at this images would be impacted to think that it could have been them should they have live in that era. These brutal painted images are the artworks of Romantic artists who emotionally connect and remind us that average individuals suffer and not the exalted materialistic and Napoleon-like

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