New Deal Success

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The New Deal was basically the set of federal programs established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt after being elected in 1933, in response to the calamity of the Great Depression, and lasting until the Second World War in 1942. People debate and argue on whether the “New Deal” was either a success or just a fail for society. Well there’s some claims for both opinions. A few reasons to why people think it would be a success is that Millions of people received relief, help with their mortgage, jobs and also from the alphabet agencies. The PWA and the TVA provided valuable economic, roads, airports, schools, theatres, dams, and more. FDR’s new laws about social security, minimum wage, labor relations, and trade unions survived and protected…show more content…
He was the people’s hero. But the new deal also had many failures let alone the success, and that hurt many, many people. Depression had not yet ended. FDR’s insistence on a balanced budget, and healthy interest rates may have helped to continue it. FDR had no new ideas how to end the depression just Hoover’s schemes only bigger. But by 1935 he had failed to end unemployment (which was only down to 10.6 million), and – although unemployment fell to 7.7 million in 1937 when Roosevelt tried to cut back government expenditure in 1938, it rose again to 10.4 million. Which was bad. The Depression did not end until the Second World War got production going again. That was bad for the blacks and immigrants also. Many got put off as a direct result of the New Deal’s attempts to give the workers rights. Businessmen had hated the New Deal because it interfered with their businesses and supported workers’ rights. The rich people accused FDR of betraying his class. Henry Ford hired thugs to attack his trade union workers. Republicans hated the expenditure, which they said was wasteful. CWA had to be put to a stop, but immediately replaced by the PWA. After 1938, Republicans took over the Senate, and FDR was not able to get any more New Deal legislation through. State governments opposed the New Deal, saying that the Federal government was taking their powers. The supreme court ruled that the NRA codes of employers’ conduct, and the AAA programmer were illegal because they took away the States powers. Because of this in 1937, FDR had threatened to force old Supreme Court judges to retire and to create new ones the crisis was averted when the Supreme Court reversed its decisions. We do not know whether the New Deal was a success or failure it obviously was not easy to judge. Individual programs were a success, like T.V.A., and A.A.A. They succeeded in getting food prices to rise, which was good for the farmers, but did
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