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During Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address in March of 1933, he stated, “...the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself…” (Text 1, line 2). Roosevelt said this to the people of the United States during The Great Depression to bring a spark of hope into their minds. During the time of The Great Depression, people had lost everything, and they were scared that the depression wouldn't end. The people lived in Hoovervilles and were starving to death, with few possessions. The response of FDR’s administration to the problems of The Great Depression was effective because they established many New Deal programs that dealt with labor issues, revived private enterprise and banking practices, and provided better use of land and …show more content…

They had to provide a safer, fairer working environment for the people. Congress “Creates [the] National Labor Relations Board to prevent unfair labor Practices” (Chart 1). The National Labor Relations Act encouraged and allowed workers under private sector to collectively bargain over their wages. The act helped to create a more fair working environment and pay, for the people employed under private sectors. Another matter that needed to be confronted by FDR and his administration was the unfair pay that many workers received. They solved the problem of the american wages by creating the Fair Labor Standards Act in which they “Established minimum wage of 40 cents an hour and a 40 hour workweek” (Chart 1). The previous quote given announces that all employers must pay their employees at least 40 cents an hour, and cannot work them for over 40 hours each week unless the employee wishes to do so. The second example given from Chart 1 displays the government's actions over the matters of a fair work environment, and the wages of workers. FDR and his administration made multiple New Deal programs that affected the labor issues in America positively, and made the environments of the workers much more …show more content…

Government jobs were supplied, now it was time to help the other jobs that were under private enterprise get back on their feet. “...through their own resources or with government aid…we have, through various Federal agencies, saved debtors and creditors alike in many other fields of enterprise,such as loans on farm mortgages and home mortgages;loans to the railroads and insurance companies and, finally, help for home owners and industry itself” (Text 3, lines 10 & 12-14). The quote from Text 3 shows how the government tried to help the private enterprise jobs and the mortgages of the people by giving them loans to help them pull through the tough times of the Great Depression. The loans from FDR and his administration helped private enterprise greatly and enabled them to pay for their businesses to bloom. Along with private enterprise, the banks needed help to heal from the trauma of the Great Depression. FDR and his administration declared that “...there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments...” (Text 1, lines 21-23). The quote above shows that strict supervision of all bank transactions will be taking place. By taking these precautions, the banks will be able to recover from the damage of the Great Depression. In total, private enterprise and the banks of America have had the help of

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