New Jersey Colony Research Paper

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Starting with the development of New England (One of the British colonies in North America), the founders of New England were Pilgrims who founded Plymouth in 1620. These Pilgrims wanted to find The Promised Land, they wanted success. They left on a ship called Mayflower as permission granted by Virginia. 35 Saints and 65 Strangers were on the Mayflower on their journey. They arrived on Plymouth when they accidently went off course. The Pilgrims main goal was to make a government on the land. So, they created the Mayflower Compact, which made everyone follow the laws and rules of the government. They developed a friendship with the Indians shortly after arriving and wanted to develop a trading alliance. Squanto was a Native American, who taught …show more content…

The New York colony was founded by the Duke of York & Peter Minuit in 1626. The region had land that was easily suitable for farming. Their resources included furs, coal, farming etc. The New York colony did not have any main goal for religion and allowed people to express their religion freely. It officially became a government in 1775, which in turn made it a Royal colony. The colony of New Jersey was founded by George Carteret & Lord Berkeley in 1664. Same as New York, no major religion or religious goal. In 1775, it became a Royal Colony. The main goal of founding New Jersey was for trading and profiting. The Pennsylvania Colony became founded by William Penn in 1682. No main religious goal; freedom of religion. It became governed in 1775, which made it a Proprietary Colony. The final colony in the Middle Colonies was The Delaware Colony. It was founded by Peter Minuit in 1638. The Middle Colonies were infamous for the Sugar Act and The Stamp Act of 1765 which forced taxation on all colonists. The creation of these acts forced the colonists to create the Sons of Liberty, which was an organization who were against the acts. The Revolutionary War was then started which lasted from 1775-1783. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was created which made the U.S. and Britain be united

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