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My career goals in life is either to play professional football (NFL), become a physical therapist, be a high school football coach, or take over my father’s business. Ever since I was a young child I loved watching football and playing it too it would mean the world to me if I went to play in the national football league (NFL). I love to run and try to stay fit my health is very important to me I like to discipline myself in everything I do athletically and also academically. I take pride in everything I do. I always enjoy overcoming a challenge that has stretched me to my limits. And if I could make it in to the national football league (NFL) I will have beaten one of my most difficult challenges. Being a physical therapist (PT) would also be very cool because I have always amazed by the body and how it works and I also like …show more content…

One of the things college would help me do for this situation is get a degree for the profession which would later help me get a job. Once I get a job I will be able to start my life in the real world start helping people with their struggles and pain. I would start my own business in a busy city so I would have more patients. Also in bigger cities there are more people that need help with their physical needs. I would offer special financing for those who could not afford my practices. Sports play a large role in high school, and football is one my favorite sports. Coaching the team can be personally rewarding because of the relationship with the players. It also can be challenging because of the emphasis on competition, especially on the varsity levels. A coach must like helping players achieve physical and personal growth. Football coaches planning to work in public schools need to earn a bachelor 's degree. But for me to coach at the middle and high school level may require prospective coaches to become teachers. To prepare for certification as a teacher at the middle or high school level, students

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