Kurt Cobain's Legacy In Grunge Music

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Nirvana brought an introduction to a new type of music, Even though Nirvana lost their lead, they still continued to sustain their legacy in grunge music. They had a slow but steady rise to fame that came to a sudden and painful end. Winning many awards and impacting many people with the feel of grunge, Nirvana had lost many things alongside their journey. Nirvana ushered the age of grunge, won Grammy awards, and secured a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, making them a band that blazed their own trail through the 20th century.
Kurt’s Childhood
People in Kurt Cobain’s past were believed to have influenced some of his future. At 8 years old, Cobain experienced his parents’ divorce. Resulting in, constantly moving
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Cobain tried many times to create his own band, only to fail each time. Later on, Kurt meets someone who happened to like the same types of music and was able to create a band with bassist, Krist Novoselic (Gould, 2018). Becoming more and more popular from performing at college parties, Cobain dropped out of high school and later got kicked out of his mother’s house. This resulted in, being homeless for quite some time and going in and out of friends houses and under bridges (Gould, 2018). Performing at the Evergreen State College, Nirvana progressively started to get bigger gigs (Gulla, 2018). Nirvana brought with them extraordinary rock and metal, but they also played indie rock, too (Gulla, 2018). Having no home was a big point in Kurt’s life and also a major hardship, but it also gave him some opportunities and carrying over more than just grunge music. His hardships may have carved a path to a big break for the…show more content…
After selling 10 million copies of the album, Nevermind. One of the songs on the album became a hit called “Come as You Are”. Nirvana also, managed to get punk popular in years where punk wasn’t as open and spread. His album became so widespread that it had actually knocked out popular singers off the board and became in the top scale in the U.S (Romanowski, 2001). While being remembered for showing older punk rock to an audience, Nirvana made the low life of punk boom all around the world (Romanowski, 2001). Nirvana ended up in a weeklong tour in the United Kingdom after Grohl joined the band (Burlingame, 2006). From getting a new band member, to getting on the top scale in the U.S, to being offered to go on tour, it all looked well for Nirvana so far. It all came to the point of deciding on a meaningful band name.
Getting Their Band Name
Continuously changing names, the band could never agree on a band name that fit well. Nirvana means a state of joy or a world of tranquility and delight, Cobain and the band decided to use that as a name for one of their shows (Burlingame, 2006). Constantly changing the band name for a couple months, now “Nirvana” recently used the name in a song fourteen times and decided to keep it (Burlingame, 2006). Taking a long while for the band to come up with a catchy name, they truly believed they had found the best name. The band coming
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