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Question 7 (for 10 points):
After Nixon was connected to the break-in of the offices of the DNC at the Watergate business complex, in part due to the affiliation of his connection to one of the burglars, who was an employee of Nixon’s Committee for the Re-election of the President (CREEP), it gradually became apparent that the Watergate break in was largely a result of Nixon’s beliefs concerning the degree of latitude his office afforded him with regards to transgression of federal law. As the result of an investigation by a senate committee prompted by the Watergate scandal, it was discovered that during his presidency Nixon had committed a number of crimes, which included “extending political favors to powerful business groups in exchange …show more content…

Digital History - Watergate
Digital History - The Clinton Presidency
(Primary source) Nixon/Frost interview transcript
(Primary Source) Vanity Fair - Monica Lewinsky Writes About Her Affair with President Clinton

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Like much of the federal civil rights regulations that preceded it, the Civil Rights act ultimately failed to resolve many of the problems it was intended to resolve, and by 1966, as Martin Luther King predicted in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, many within the civil rights movement who had previously pursued non-violence, after being subjected to the extreme violence of those opposed to desegregation, and after seeing the impotence of federal legislation to effect change, began to reconsider whether nonviolence and integration were really the best approach. In 1966 CORE and SNCC both embraced black nationalism, and in the same year, the Black Panther Party was formed in Oakland. While more conservative groups like the NAACP rejected black nationalism, some civil rights leaders, such as Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, began to move towards the political left in response to issues of northern racism raised by Malcolm X, the Watts riots, and groups like the Black Panther Party. In

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