Importance Of Minor Characters In A Doll's House

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How does Ibsen bring out the importance of the minor characters that influence Nora and Torvald in the play A Doll’s House? This essay is about how Ibsen makes the minor characters very important in the play. The question means how Ibsen bring out the characters (Mrs. Linde, Dr. Rank and their three children Ivar Helmer, Bob Hmelmer and Emmy Helmer) to build up and understand what Torvald and Norah truly are. Ibsen created these character to make the readers have a strong and clear understanding of Nora and Torvald. This essay will also include the analysis of the minor characters that outlines Nora’s and Torvald’s character.
The two major characters are Norah and Torvald who are living in a house with three children and a nanny. Norah who …show more content…

Norah who is meant to be the one who acts like a child in the play because she wasn’t very well educated apart from anything that is happening outside her house, she also doesn’t really have authority in her house. Whereas Torvald is meant to be the antagonist while he was just trying to live up to the society’s expectations. He doesn’t treat Norah as person who is from the same position and treats her as if she is his doll who he can fool around with whenever he gets his free time from being a banker. Krogstad is also considered to be an antagonist but this does not certainly mean he is the villain in the book. Krogstad blackmails Norah in order for him to have a higher position in the bank so that he could provide his family with basic needs. Just like Norah, he also committed the same crime which is getting false signature but his crime was as severe as Norah’s crime. He did all he could to feed his family and this was also one of the reasons why Krogstad wanted a higher position in the bank. He is a divorced man who had been left by his ex-wife Mrs. Linde for a man with bigger money. Mrs Linde is a truly close friend of Nora since childhood who also happens to be a very humble person and modest. Because of Mrs. Linde’s mature character, it brings out the childhood qualities of Nora. The way these two characters are conflicting is completely different, their behaviour and their past relationship with their parents are also

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