North Greenville University Prayer Chapel Analysis

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North Greenville University has made a great impression on me, with the beautiful campus, the friendly faces, and the great music program, but what I find most significant is the Prayer Chapel. Outwardly, the building is welcoming with The Cross displayed on every side; inwardly, the chapel is comforting. The moment I enter the chapel, the feeling of security embraces me, as if God has wrapped his arms around me. The outer appearance of the building consists of column archways made of stacked stone that lead into six glass doorways. On each wall is a big red cross with tall windows underneath each side. High peaks on each of the walls add an open concept to the interior of the chapel. The first breathtaking sight inside the chapel is the hanging cross in the center of the beautiful stained glass that illuminates the interior with warm colors. In addition, the second sight is the stone waterfall that flows from the stained glass into a square pool of water in the center of the room. The sound of rushing water inside the chapel soothes me and makes it easier to focus on speaking with God. After the waterfall, the third sight that catches the eye is the prayer benches around the waterfall. A total of six benches,…show more content…
It brings believers closer to Christ; without it, Christians would be disconnected from God. The Prayer Chapel promotes much needed prayer in daily life. From the time I have already been at North Greenville University, the Chapel has helped me significantly. Praying in that building is therapy to me. It reduces my anxiety from the stress of college life and allows me to more easily give my burdens to God. Every time that I have used the Prayer Chapel, I come out feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. While inside the chapel, I have a chance to write down prayer requests for others to pray about with me. In doing so, I lighten the burdens on my shoulders because more than one person is sharing my
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