North Korea And 1984 Comparison Essay

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A Fictional and Non-fictional Communist Government
Throughout history, there have been many different ways a government can control its people, but these two radical styles of ruling-in North Korea and the novel 1984- are comparable in many ways. The novel 1984, written by George Orwell, depicts a society of extreme control by the government. North Korea’s government has a tightly help grip on their loyal people. Both the fictional and nonfictional versions of this ruling style, teach a person new ideas about the world today. The citizens of North Korea and the novel 1984, have a strong devotion to their leader, a sense of unity and the need to be the same, and sometimes a rare urge to rebel.
To start off, the citizens of Oceania are devoted Big Brother. They have such a deep love for him that he is comparable to God. They undoubtedly follow him, and believe whatever he says. The people of North Korea are also very loyal to their leader Kim Jong Un and still celebrate the birthdays of their past leaders. North Koreans believe that as long as they follow their ruler, they will have a happy, full life. They hold large, elaborate celebrations, parades, and children compete in the Mass Games. During parades “as they march past, they cry 'Mansei ' which means "Long Live!"” …show more content…

In North Korea, being in the Mass Games is a huge accomplishment. You train for hours on end so you will look exactly the same, as if you are becoming one. Even the military is so disciplined that they look exactly the same. But, the people in North Korea are different from the citizens in 1984 because they still have individual personalities. The Party convinces these people to all believe the same ideas and have the same opinions. They do not want people to be smart or able to think for themselves. One of their slogans is “Ignorance is strength” because they don’t want the people to be intelligent (Orwell

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