Freedom Of North Korea Essay

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In North Korea , the citizens know , learn, and see only what the dictator, Kim Kong Un, wants them to even if is untrue. The official name of North Korea is Democratic People 's Republic of Korea ( kastel) .North Korea was founded on September 8 1948 (Doe) and has a population of 24.9 million (kastel). Everyone’s knowledge is limited, and entirely controlled by the government. The government of North Korea believes that censoring every part of their society permits them complete control in guaranteeing their country 's future (Yop). However, they are wrong. North Korea is a country in which all types of media including television, internet, and education are censored. Human rights are constantly being violated thus, North Korea’s government …show more content…

The government believes that the people will never know the truth but now or later they will. North Korea has no freedom of movement, religion, information and speech (Doe). It is considered illegal for North Koreans to leave their country unless given permission (Doe). People can’t practice the religion they want they practice the religion that the government constrains them to (Doe). North Korea has no freedom of data, which implies that they should know only what the government permits them to (Doe). North Koreans can’t have international calls or any contact with the people outside the country (Doe). The only opinion that’s permitted to be heard is the governments, and the people must trust it regardless of what (Doe).
In conclusion, North Korea is a nation in which a wide range of media including TV, and webs are controlled. Human rights are continuously being disregarded, along these North Koreans government is untamed, brutal, and unreasonable. The government doesn’t not respect the people who live in the county the way they should be. North Koreans are dealt with unfair treatment. Laws are put for different nations to see that they have laws. North Korea has no freedom by any mean. They cannot have any contact with individuals outside their country. I believe that one day North Korea will be free and will know the

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