1984 Vs North Korea Essay

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North Korea is a mysterious place to outsiders but from the inside it may seem normal because the people have no sense of reality or awareness. In the novel 1984 a made up character named ‘Big Brother’ is much like Kim Jong-Un in our world. There are two parties outer and inner and the inner parties consist of people from the inside and the wealthier class unlike the outer witch holds the middle class.The outer party of 1984 worship Big Brother and most are forced to because they are being watched by spies and telescreens (surveillance systems). North Korea is very similar to 1984 due to the constant surveillance and the cult of personality. North Korea is a black hole from the outside because we have no way of seeing on what 's going on in the inside. The literal walls block any any views from outside in. The people of North Korea are constantly being watched, “North Korea purchased 16,420 closed-circuit surveillance cameras from China in the first 11 months of last year as the regime stepped up the monitoring of its own people” (North Korea). Kim Jong-Un spent hundreds of millions of dollars to keep an eye on everything that happens. Much like in the 1984 Big Brother had installed telescreens in every room. Our freedom that we believe in here in the U.S. is very similar to that of 1984 and North Korea. The only thing is that they have yet to …show more content…

Many similarities are shown between North Korea and the novel 1984 such as how they are constantly being watched and by their cult of personality. The Novel and the Regime show how no one is safe because they are constantly being monitored and that they will be consequences to their traitorship. Much like how no one is safe they are also blinded due to no one being able to think for themselves and make their own decisions. Two very different places can be so similar just from a sequence of actions set by the rulers causing their people to be blinded by reality leading them to love and worship the ones covering their

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