North Korea Dictatorship

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All around the world, countries struggle to keep their people under control in an effort to avoid any possibility of a rebellion against the government that is a dictatorship or contains dictator-like properties. Legend compares to the real world equivalent of North Korea because of the repressed freedom of speech and freedom of press, the economy does not allow for a middle class which renders everyone either very poor or very wealthy, the people are inhibited from electing a leader ultimately preventing the citizens from having any sort of power, and uses its national glorification in order to convince its residents that the country is the best and can defeat any other country in a war. When freedom of speech is repressed, the government …show more content…

The government of the Republic controls the press by informing the citizens of their country that they are defeating the Colonies with ease however in reality they are losing the war that has been occurring for hundreds of years (Lu). The Republic controls freedom of speech by a process that North Korea fulfills. They accomplished this by capturing the people who spoke out against the government and quickly assassinated them. The Republic can relate to North Korea easily when it pertains to denying the people their freedoms of speech and press as well as the methods they employ to deny them (Lu). On the other hand, North Korea employs the same tactics as Legend, although they refuse the people’s freedoms of speech and press with much more force, taking it to a harsher level. “The people in North Korea who are found disgracing the country will be found the night they said the shameful quote and tortured to death or until they give up information about who they are working for” (Demick). North Korea also controls the information being sent to the public therefore they have complete control over every adult. When they control the press, North Korea has the ability to inform the students at the schools false information leading the students to believe that their country is flawless and will obliterate any country that challenges it to war. When the students grow up, they will be fed more incorrect information which in turn promotes their support for their country by signing up for the army, adding to North Korea’s already giant military (North Korea Military Strength). By controlling the freedoms of speech and press, the governments of the Republic and North Korea can effectively manipulate their citizens to not only believe what they say, but have them want to work for them. In addition to repressing an individual’s

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