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KaeLyn Sorensen Spring 2043 Outreach Sanpete Valley Hospital 01/18/2018 Chapter 11 Objectives 11.1: Of nosocomial infections one of the most common is in the urinary tract, this is do to poor infection control practice. When we are dealing with a sterile environment like the urinary bladder then everything that we use needs to be sterile to prevent infections. This includes any solutions and materials or instruments. 11.2: When we are moving patients, who have a catheter in place we want to make sure that the bag is placed below the urinary bladder. We want to make sure that gravity is doing its job and that there is no fluid going back into the bladder which will help to prevent infection. We don’t want to ever place a bag in a patient lap or abdomen and we need to also watch the tubing so that is never above the patient’s bladder level and that it …show more content…

The suprapubic catheter is placed through a small incision in the abdomen and directly into the bladder, this is to help avoid using the urethrae. This type of catheter is held in place by a body seal system, sutures and tape. When caring for a patient with this type you want to make sure that you don’t use or put any kind of tension of the catheter. You want to make sure to keep bag below their bladder level and to keep things clean. The condom catheter is used for male patients and is a soft sheath made of rubber and is used for patients that are comatose, incontinent and for any who’s bladder empties continuously. The condom catheter is places on the penis and held in place by a special adhesive material, on the end of the condom there is a draining tube that leads to the bag. This kind of catheter should be changed every 24-48 ours. When working with patients with a condom catheter we need to be careful not to dislodge the catheter or the draining tube. We also need to cautious that the catheter does not rub the patient and cause skin irritation or

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