Nt1310 Unit 1

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At first, the magnetic field sensor was plugged into analog A. Next; a magnetic field sensor was open in the Database Studio software by following several instructions. Once the magnetic fields sensor was free, we clicked on the “digits” that was on the lower left side of the screen. Then, the window appeared where it was ready to record the magnetic field. After the computer part was completely set up, we measured the diameter of the Helmholtz coil several times to get the more accurate measurement and recorded the measurement in the data. Later, we set up our device in a way that current flows in the same direction for all the coil. Before proceeding to our experiment, we made sure the voltage knob in the power supply is set to 0. Then, the sensor was inserted in the canter of the Helmholtz coil through the hole in the radius. To calibrate the sensor to 0, we clicked “start” in the window …show more content…

After turning on the power supply, the current was adjusted to 5 different levels using the voltage knob, and the magnetic field at each current level is recorded. However, the voltage knob was turned to the left thoroughly, immediately after each current level to prevent the sensor from overheating. Since the data taken for the magnetic field was in Gauss, we converted to the Tesla. At last, we calculated the magnetic field and the percent errors of calculated and measured magnetic field using the equations.

Part II: Magnetic Force
In the beginning, the participants measured the diameter of the small coil several times and recorded it to the data. Meanwhile, we calculate the area of the small coil and mark it as well.

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