Nt1310 Unit 4 Work

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The objective of this piece was to create something meaningful to me, that will flow together well by using audio files. I’m a huge fan of the piano, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate a piano in the piece. Surprising enough the main part of the whole piece is the pinaoloop2 on a loop. The work process for this piece primarily involved getting the audio samples that will work nicely around my main piece which is the pianoloop2. After obtaining the audio files, the major software that I use to get the sounds together was Audacity. With audacity, I arranged the audio files around until I got the outcome that sounded pleasant. With, knowing what I wanted, and knowing how the piece would sound like already, I begin coding the OSC codes into …show more content…

I used the GUI library to code in the lines and circles that will bring this idea to life. Since I had four pictures that I wanted to incorporate into this piece. Instead of coding in the codes with my main files I decided to write the codes onto separate files and then I took to take a screenshot of each picture and save them as a png file. After saving them as a png file I coded the codes in Jython as an icon file and added it to the piece. I wanted the pictures to be unique, so I added them to the audio samples that will do it justice. For example, in the beginning, I have a heart beat going and one of the pictures I had coded is a picture of a heart rate with a heart in the middle, a second example is one of the audio files are an audio of rain and I had coded a picture with rain falling to match the audio files. My result of this piece was a musical piece that I enjoy putting together and it sounded pleasantly nice. Each audio files brought up images of the sunrise and sunset on the sea, so I incorporate them with pictures that I had coded instead of normal pictures that I could have gotten online. Overall, I name this piece Beauty and the Sea because of the musical sound and how each picture was relative to the

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