Nondiegetic Sound In Alejandro Amenábar's Film, The Others

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This week’s movie is called The Others (2001) by Alejandro Amenábar. In this film, the audience oversees a desperate mother, Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman) struggling with the living situation of being a mother whose has to deal a whole showcase of things. Some of these things include having a husband whose is not there, caring for her own children who are sensitive to sunlight, and living in a Victorian mansion where some people throughout the film have claimed that it is haunted. Grace at first doubts these haunted claims, but subsequent events began to occur which cause her to become very protective of her kids and at the same time crazy. All in all, this enigmatic and suspenseful movie ends with her and her children becoming ghost and that things that were haunting the house were of future being. Throughout this suspenseful movie, the use of sound has been used very liberally ranging to create an additional layer of suspense or of background. The Others (2001) by Alejandro Amenábar use the element of sound to bring out the character’s history and …show more content…

The other method is called nondiegetic sound. Nondiegetic sound is “if the score has no source within the image it’s nondiegetic...nondiegetic music is often referred to as sound music.” (Giannetti, 200). An example of this can be found at the end where the audience finally understands the situation and hears and sees Grace giving her final narration that “This house is ours...” No one in the movie gets to experience it or hears it, only the audience is able to hear it. This type of experience can be seen as knowing more of the inner conscience of the person and to add more detail to the already enigmatic theme of the them, Grace and her children, being ghost to others. Non diegetic sound uses the sound of narration to help bring a good end to the movie through the elaborate use of details-the setting and the

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