Nt1310 Unit 6 Lab

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1) As an individual, what did you contribute/accomplish in lab this week? 2) What did you learn (individually and as a team)? 3) How can you or your team improve in the future? 4) As a team, what do you need to accomplish in lab next week? 1) Before lab this week, Pat and I worked on fabricating the rest of the bill side. We were suggested by Jen to keep working and to test the current design before started drilling hole to another set of dowels. Because the holes were not centered, we had to attached them accordingly to the frame instead of all at one. We constructed the conveyor belt using duct tape as a temporarily method for testing. Also, the holes that we drilled were too tight for the smaller dowels, so we decided to sand them down. In lab, using hot glue and screws, we finished constructing the conveyor belt, bill catcher, …show more content…

A full team meeting at least once a week to update its progress will also be very helpful. Our team has improved a lot since Thanksgiving, and we have been able to catch up with our timeline. Another improvement that we can make is to challenge each other’s idea more. By questioning and having doubt about each other idea, one must come up with qualitative reasoning and will result in a more polished and finished idea. 4) Next week is our last lab. We need to finish and conduct final testing in order to write our final report. Each individual has to finish first draft of his/her assigned part of the final report. On Sunday, we will have a meeting to do the presentation and practice presenting for the Tuesday presentation. Also, we need to send a list of things to improve team dynamic to Tracy and SAs. Michael will take responsibility for making constructive comments on the final report so other team members can fix their part. Later next week, each team member also has to do a peer review and finish the final essay

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