Nt1310 Unit 3 Record Android Screen

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Part 1: Free to Download Recordable Android Screen

Technology is constantly improving and makes It simpler for us to do various stuff. Capturing a moment in your life and making it a permanent memory is a beautiful thing. In the older days you needed to take your camera, make a photo and then take it to a photo store to print It, not to mention that videos could have only been recorded in low resolutions. Fortunately, it has never been easier to keep your memories than today. Every smartphone has a camera with which you can see your photo and brag to your friends in seconds and you can even use some great recordable android screen software, with which you can easily record a memory of your progress in a particular game, or make a tutorial. This software enables you to watch what happens on your cell phone on a bigger, computer screen and …show more content…

This recordable android screen software is very easy to use. First you need to choose one of two options of connecting your phone and computer.

1) USB option – make sure that you have allowed USB debugging on your device (once you start MirrorGo, you can follow simple instructions on how to do this). Once you have successfully done this, connect your device to a computer via USB cable, and you should see that it is automatically making the connection. Note that you might have to confirm the connection with a simple click.

2) Wi-Fi option – for connecting your device via wireless network, you need to successfully connect it via USB at least once. After that, you locate the MobileGo app icon on your device, access it scan QR code. Note that you need to use the same wireless network on your device and your computer.

After connecting your phone successfully, you will see your phone interface on your

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