Nt1310 Unit 2 Activity 1

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Event 1. At point A corner of 74th St and Madison Avenue a LTB Mechanical Inc. employee parks his Van and seems very happy ( my personal comments S.H.) after find parking because of busy traffic in city. The driver goes to the nearby muni meter and inserts his credit card and he presses couple of buttons but was unable to buy the time card. He goes to the opposite corner and disappears. Seconds after, a traffic officer comes in from nowhere, he is checking and reading time card receipt in every car parked on the road. He stops by the LTB van and after finding missing display of the time card on the dashboard, he looks up and down the block and after soon after that he scans the registration and started writing the traffic ticket. At the exact time I took his picture attached (Exhibit 1). (The officer show his displeasure for taking the picture and inquired, if the van is mine. On my saying no he tells me, let me do my job and I must stay out of it). While he is waiting for print of the parking violation ticket the driver of the van show up and opens the door to put the parking time card …show more content…

When she reaches the end of the cross she doesn’t stops at the edge of the sidewalk but down on to the pavement. The mother is so engaged with her phone that she did not realized that she was a safety risk for her baby and herself as well because she is standing the road and blocking the flow of traffic. A yellow cab blow the horn and she jumps in the air sensing the danger and pulls back to the side walk and dropped her cell phone in the process. The picture Exhibit 2 is taken moments before she pulls back. Structured Observation, I can do structure observation of an research question like, how many people with babies strollers will wait for the walk sign, on the side walk or what percentage of people use cell phone while pushing babies strollers? Event

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