Stadt Von Zwei: A Short Story

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On a mid-winter morning, the sun rose past a mountain range and into a thick and ominous layer of clouds. Over the past couple of weeks, sub-zero temperatures have caused every inch of this small German town, called Stadt Von Zwei to be covered with snow and ice. With a population of only 25,000 people, this town is known for its breathtaking landscape, medieval castles, and a sacred forest called Black Forest. In a rustic home on the outskirts of Stadt Von Zwei, lived a man named Hugo. Hugo, a college student studying chemistry at the University of Stadt Von Zwei, was a very shy and reserved person. He never stepped out of his comfort zone and he never fitted in with his classmates. Furthermore, he was bullied all throughout high school because…show more content…
He got out of his bed and trudged over to the phone. “Good morning Hugo. You must go to 6142 Orange Avenue right this second to shovel snow out of the driveway.” said Mr. Schmidt, “Don’t you dare be late, the owner is very respected in this town. If I receive any complaints, you will be fired.” Right as Hugo tried to reply, Mr. Schmidt hung up the phone. He rapidly got dressed, grabbed his tools, ran out the door, and began sprinting his way towards downtown. Approximately fifteen minutes later, he arrived to the house feeling very nervous, knowing that one little mistake will get himself fired. As he was shoveling the snow out of the driveway, a young woman walked up to him and softly said, “Do want some help?” Hugo replied, “Are you sure you want to help?” “Yeah I loved to do so,” she responded, “I mean I don’t even know why my parents called your company. I am fully capable of shoveling snow myself.” “Well thank you so much. I have to go to school in a hour so your help is much appreciated,” he said. “Wait, do you go to the University of Stadt Von Zwei,” she excitedly added. “Yeah, I major in chemistry,” he responded. The two quickly bonded and they decided to walk to school

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