Nurses Shortage Case Study

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Introduction Nursing is known as professional discipline (Donaldson & Crowley, 1978). Nurses shortage is one of the significant issues in current nursing in Singapore and also in other countries. According to Buchan et al 2008, nurses shortage has a significant connection with a country’s historical staffing levels, country 's resources and it also estimates the demands for healthcare. Nursing shortages are unmeasureble, and they may be defined as professional capacity standards from an economical view. Buchan and Aiken (2008) stated that the nurses shortage problems may be due to the nurses that not willing to work as a nurse under the current conditions in working environment. A real shortage is circumstances where experienced people are not available for a certain vacancies due to some reasons (Wildschut&Mqolozana, 2008). A news article written by Salma Khalikin in Straits Times stated that according to current situation Singapore may not be able to create enough nurses for upcoming years. The impact of nurses shortage may causes increase work load for nurses which subsequently may increase the risk for nurses made errors in clinical, the risk of increase hospital acquired infections which cause by viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens. More over the impact of shortage of nurses may also increase death rate, and also increase the risk of occupation injuries and exposure in working environments. As a outcome of the volume and acuity of patients, things are being missed

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