Fetal Care Observation

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Your Name Diane Burns Your Discipline Family Trainee (Spina Bifida Coalition of Cincinnati Program Manager) Name of Clinic/Type of Clinic Fetal Care Center Provider(s) Observed Beatrix Wong, MS, LGC, Erin E. Hillman, MSW, LSW, Jody Petru, BSN, RN, Sammy M. Tabbah, MD, Jamie K. Capal, MD, Howard M. Saal, MD, FACMG, DonnaMaria E. Cortezzo, MD Observed Provider(s) Discipline Genetic Counselor, Social Work, Nursing, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Geneticist, Neonatology/Palliative Care Date/Time Observation 2/6/2018 9:45 AM – 12:30 PM, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM team meeting My observation in the Fetal Care Center was intended to follow one family (Family A) through their day of appointments, starting with the Genetic Counselor, Social Worker, …show more content…

Although understandably overwhelmed, Family B appeared to comprehend the information reviewed by each specialist, reinforced by the MRI and ultrasound images shared, as each provider used the teach back method to evaluate the parents’ understanding and repeatedly asked if they had any questions. A folder of contact information for each specialist was offered that also included FAQ sheets on all medical diagnoses. Each of the physicians encouraged the parents to contact them with additional questions they might have following the meeting. As a parent, I think it would be helpful to also have contact information for a support group or family mentor who has a child with a similar diagnosis to address any concerns about quality of life for the child and family across the …show more content…

Lim, Surgical Director of the clinic, met with Family A prior to their team meeting scheduled for 4:30 PM. He entered the conference room alone and informed the team that the meeting was cancelled as the family had decided to terminate. I spoke with Drs. Cortezzo and Tabbah about the frequency of this outcome at the Fetal Care Center. Dr. Tabbah estimated that only about 3-5% of the patients seen here make the decision to terminate. The supposition is that they have come to the clinic for more aggressive treatment for the fetus and most terminations occur after the initial diagnosis by an obstetrician or community-based

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