Nursing Personal Statement

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I have always admired nurses from a young age. I used to look at them as mother figures for the patient who they help nurse back to health. It is not until I got older I realized just how much responsibility that is. When I was 7 years old my father suffered a major stroke, he was hospitalized for months. The hospital and section that he was in did not allow children on the floor. That was a big disappointment for my sisters and I, especially at such a young age, and did not understand the severity of the situation. Weeks gone by and we begged my mother and aunts to see my father. My aunt finally caved in and sneaked us in one by one under her skirt into his room. We were so glad to see my father our squeals were heard all the way to the nurses station. Three nurses ran into the room, I thought we were going to get kicked out. Instead they stayed with us and said they never saw my father so happy and responsive since he’s been there. They let us stay while one nurse looked out for security and every weekend …show more content…

For me, choosing the career of nursing was quite and easy one. From analyzing the nurses who took care of my father, when he came home, I assumed the position of “head nurse” I took care of him the best way I a child can.We had rotating shift between my sisters and I and he spoke to us as if we were nurses. So may see that as just a game, and so did my sisters, they outgrew what I took as a responsibility. The personality I developed and who I became as person are all based off these moments. I gave myself that title as a child because I saw that the nurse's concerns were to make my father as comfortable as possible so his recovery would go smooth. I looked up to them not because they have broken the rules, but the reason why they broke the rules. I want to be that nurse that understands their patience needs and to be able to provide it to them the best of my

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