OTLA: Observation Of Teaching, Learning And Assessment

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). By showing them passion and being enthusiastic I would motivate them to achieve their targets. Wallace (2006), states that if outcomes are not achieved by students the lesson is not achieving the primary purpose. This is why assessing plays a significant role in the learning process. Formative assessment gives feedback about the learners’ progress through the course and a summative assessment is carried out at the end of the course and this is a formal way to check if the learner has met the outcomes of the course (Gravells 2014). I would take care that all records about my learner and their progress are kept organized and in safe place. To determine whether my teaching meets Northamptonshire County Council requirements I would be observed by a trained observer (this is known as OTLA – Observing of Teaching, Learning and Assessment). The other form of gaining feedback regarding my teaching could be done through informal conversations about the course, by completing the Individual Learning Plan by the learners or filling a feedback form at the end of the course. …show more content…

Certainly this refers to teaching as well. A teacher is a lifelong learner, thus, by evaluating my teaching I would be able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses, and as a result become better at my profession. One of the aspects of evaluation is a Continuous Professional Development process (evidence 6), which ensures improving the vocational and subject knowledge continuously. One of the responsibilities would be abidance with regulatory requirements, legislation, policies and procedures, and codes of practice. This would give me a strong framework of how to act professionally and in accordance with the law. Some of the most important

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