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Jane 's mother 's name was Ruth, she was a courageous, bright and loving woman, so who would be so psychotic as to kill her. She was a slave all of her life and she felt Jane didn 't have the life she deserved. Ruth lived and worked on a plantation while she raised Jane. Ruth worked hard from early dawn until dusk. She always tried to protect her daughter from harm and tried to keep her secret when she was a baby because she was afraid that the man who tried to kill her father was going to come for her and kill her. Ruth’s father was killed by a man named Charles Cluveau. Charles was a serial killer, he was mentally ill, he killed over fifty people by the time he was forty five. One day her father went out to work in the fields of the plantation and he never came back. Her mother had passed away so she didn’t have anyone else besides her father and …show more content…

She knew she wouldn’t be able to get into another plantation, her plan was to get Jane into the plantation. Jane awoke to her mother holding her finger over her mouth, she didn’t say anything. Jane and Ruth hid in the brush, she made it into a small shelter to keep them out of the boiling sun. A while after they were hiding in the brush a group of white men on horses came by, Jane had been singing a song she learned at church a few seconds before so Ruth thought they had heard her. Jane quickly stopped singing and silently look at her mother with fear in her eyes. The men continued riding their horses to the house about a mile from where Jane and her mother were, Ruth told Jane they must be asking the homeowners if they saw anyone running around last night. As night fell on the swamp Ruth began carrying Jane. She was walking through field moving very slowly just incase someone was out looking for her. She walked for what she felt was an eternity. She heard people singing, she figured they were slaves because there were only a few and they sounded like they were in

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