Observation Of Hagerman's Pre-Kindergarten

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I observed Allie Hagerman’s Pre-Kindergarten classroom in the afternoon at Church Creek Elementary School on September 16, 2105 in Belcamp, Maryland. Observing Allie Hagerman’s classroom was very informational and I learned a lot about the physical environment of the classroom, as well as, how the teacher and para-educator work as a team in the classroom for the 16 children. Besides the physical environment and the team work observed in the classroom, I will share my opinions of the Pre-Kindergarten classroom. The physical environment of the classroom is very conducive for the learning of Mrs. Hagerman’s students. The classroom is a rectangular shape with a storage closet and bathroom, and is spacious allowing for traffic to flow easily. …show more content…

The writing center is located by the window in the back of the classroom and has a half moon shaped desk with a chair. There were no materials for the writing center because the teacher explained to me that she introduces one center at a time, and the centers that do not have materials have not been introduced yet. Next to the writing center is the library center. The library center has bookcases full of books, books on a shelf, reading posters on the wall, a tape player, two kid size sofas, two kid size arm chairs, and a carpet with ABC’s and 123’s. The painting and play dough center is next to the library center. There is an easel in the painting center with a drying rack for the art work. The students were introduced to the painting part of the center the day I observed. They used water color paints to paint a picture. The painting materials are stored on the cabinet. The play dough part of the center had no materials because that part of the center had not been introduced yet. Along the wall with the bulletin board displayed with the students’ work is the dramatic play center. The dramatic play center has a table and two chairs (this is where some students may sit to complete classwork), refrigerator, stove, sink, and cupboard. The refrigerator, stove, sink, and cupboard has zip ties on the cabinets because the center has not been introduced to the students yet. Next to the dramatic play center is the computer center with two computers for the students to use. The block center is next to the back door and the shelves have pictures for the placement of the blocks. The students are able to build with the blocks on the circle time rug and not block the flow of traffic, since the center is located in the front of the classroom. The math center is located by the bathroom and storage closet near the front door. There are books in the math center on a bookcase, a math poster, number line, and a kid friendly rug with ABC pictures and

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