Observing H. G: Occupational Therapy

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Observing H.G was a Challenge
H.G is a 17 year old adolescent male. He is 5 feet 11 inches, and weighs about 170 pounds. H.G was born in September 07, 1997 in Miami, FL and has lived in the area all his life. H.G has three siblings from his mother’s second marriage all boys whose ages are fourteen, eleven and ten. H.G has been raised with Christian beliefs but did not have a structured religious formation. H.G mother is a housewife and his stepfather is an electrician. H.G father passed away in 2008 when H.G was 10 years old. During his childhood H.G went through much emotional turmoil. H.Gs parent would often fight, HGs mother never got along with H.G paternal grandmother. H.G mother and stepfather …show more content…

H.G also had proper trunk control and head control to maintain seated with proper posture. According to Fairview Health, (2015), “Damage to the normal nerve and muscle function in your trunk can make weak muscles in your trunk can make it hard to keep your body upright and stable.” I choose the game Monopoly because it’s a board game that requires followed step commands and follows a sequence pattern and has limited eye contact. Based On occupational therapy practice framework domain & process 3rd Edition (AOTA, 2014). I was able to observe his social interaction by playing this board game. The loss of his father was the major life event that has impacted negatively his life. H.G never received treatment for his ADHD and possible learning disability. As a result of his life stressors he was not able to continue a healthy development. One can say that Maslow’s pyramid is from its very base lacking all the foundations in the case of H.G. “His physiological needs were met at a very basic level; the same could be said about his sense of safety and belonging as well as his esteem needs.” (Mandich, 2015, p. 42). H.Gs emotional development has come to complete stop. During my visit I noted that HG sat very close to his grandmother, followed her visually as she stood up to go to kitchen and became visibly anxious when she left the room. Analyzing H.G’s behavior and development through Erikson’s Stages of Development one will note that H.G was not able to “reach self-control without loss of self-esteem” nor does he have the ability to cooperate and to express himself properly. In early childhood he was not able to “effectively learn the degree to which assertiveness and purpose influence the environment.” (Mandich, 2015, p. 41). Provided that H.G was never really able to have the ability to evaluate his own behavior and he never exercised impulse

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