Obstacles In The Circuit

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Challenges and obstacles are everywhere, and others find ways to overcome them all. As in “The Circuit,” “from the Grapes of Wrath,” and “Against the Odds.”, they show an example of how they did it. Individuals surpass hardships by persevering to make progress piece by piece. In the short story “The Circuit” by Francisco Jimenez, Panchito dealt with working as a migrant worker and going to school. According to page 473, it states, “He walked up to me, handed me an English book, and asked me to read… When I heard this, I felt my blood rush to my head; I felt dizzy… I opened the book to page 125. My mouth was dry. My eyes began to water. I could not begin.” This quote explains that Panchito was struggling to read and was too nervous to start. At lunch, he went to the restroom and tried to read the words of the book. Struggling, he went into Mr. Lema’s class for help on the difficult words, and “The rest of the month I spent my lunch hours working on English with Mr. Lema, my best friend at school.” (pg. 474). As for Panchito’s family, the Joad family had hurdles they needed to jump over as well. …show more content…

Selling their belongings helped them gather money for food and other helpful items. According to the text, “Harness, carts, seeders, little bundles of hoes. Bring em’ out. Pile em’ up. Load em’ up in the wagon. Take em’ to town. Sell em’ for what you could get. Sell the team and the wagon too. No more use for anything. (pg. 456). This demonstrates that anything that the tenant people could find was sold for food or money. Also, if they couldn’t sell them, “...they piled up the goods in the yards and set fire to them,” (pg. 460) or left them behind. Then, the dust eroded, and in 2009, Sullenberger took the sky on Flight

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