Oceania's War

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Oceania, where war is peace, slavery is freedom, and ignorance is strength. In this dystopian society the majority is controlled by the minority and they have complete authority over not only the people but the past future and their minds. Oceania does many things to control the minds and actions of its population. These issues include the hiding of history, the creation of enemies, and the control through silencing and tricking the people.
The history of Oceania is very blurred and skewed in the favor of the party. To the common citizen of the nation little if anything of the world 's history that they know is true. The character Winston who works in the ministry of truth is a prime example of the corruption of Oceania. His job was to rewrite …show more content…

Almost everything in the nation of Oceania is a deception and form of mental slavary. To start with the slogans of the party War is peace, slavery is freedom, and ignorance is strength are all contradictory statements that lead to deception. War is peace, is not a form of peace in the twisted words of the party it means more along the lines of a way of containment than a way of peace. The only peace that this initiative brings is the absence of revolution. Slavery is freedom is a slogan that in the real world makes next to no sense. The only thing that this can bring by being followed by the people is to be submissive and nothing else. Finally ignorance is strength is useful to the party because to the people “ignorance is bliss” and they have nothing to worry about though it gives the Party complete control. This is proven effective when it is said that the party raises the price of chocolate and then the very next day it is lowered and the public acts as if it was never even …show more content…

Another major example of this engraved deception are the Ministry of peace, plenty, love, and truth. Each of these is a contradiction to its true purpose all though the most influential is the ministry of love. On the outside especially to the Proles they seem perfectly normal but the more that you learn about their true natures it is discovered that these ministries are very evil and show the true villainous intentions of the Party. The Ministry of love is not only the prison of the nation but a torture brainwashing center. It is described in the beginning as a guarded place where you can only enter if invited though it’s true purpose is later discovered. This ministry is basically a correctional facility where people who doubt the party or do anything against them are tortured until not only they confess but until they are broken down. They break down these people physically and mentally until they can bend their minds to their will and completely change them as a person before they are released back into the

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