Ocean's 11 Analysis

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Social differences can play a huge role in Hollywood with the development of films that are being produced. These differences was also spark the production of a film remake. Ocean 's 11 (1960) and Ocean 's Eleven (2001) is an example that falls into this category. Both films share an underlying social problem that was shown to be a reoccurring issue that can be related to the time it is made and reproduced. Diving into Ocean 's 11 (1960), we are introduced to Danny Ocean. As we analyze the character Danny, we notice that he is pretty much one of the main characters of the film and a leader throughout. His background shows that he is a sort of outstanding citizen with no criminal record and was part of the military, 82nd Airborne to be exact (Milestone). An analysis of Danny in the 2001 remake, he is almost a completely different character. The opening scene shows Danny going through what appears to be a release or parole …show more content…

Comparing both of these films formally, there is a big difference in speed of the plot and also a full understanding what is going. An example of this is the beginning of both films. In the original film, each character has their own reason or excuse to be involved with the heist. While in the remake, Danny Ocean wants to rob the 3 casino 's because he wants to get revenge back on the owner and also motivated purely by greed (Croft). The speed of the script is also vastly different. The original movie is full of conversations and dialogue that had very little movement on the plot. It was nearly an hour of runtime before the 11 men finally met up and discussed the plan to rob the casinos. The script and plot speed for Ocean 's Eleven (2001) was the opposite, with fast introductions and action to keep the viewer interested and curious about what is to come. It was only about 30 minutes runtime of the remake to get a look into the characters backgrounds, roles and what they have to offer until they got word that they would be trying to

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